Quiz Questions
Fossil fuels are derived from which of the following sources?A: organic matter trapped in sedimentary rockB: nonorganic matter trapped in metamorphic rockC: organic matter trapped in igneous rockD: organic matter on the crust's surface
Coal, a common fossil fuel, is formed from which of the following types of organic matter?A: freshwater algaeB: bodies of dead animalsC: marine organismsD: tree trunks, leaves, and freshwater plants
Oil and gas are mainly derived from which of the following sources?A: trees and larger plantsB: phytoplanktonic material found in marine basinsC: freshwater algaeD: dead animals

Why do fossil fuels generate more power than wood for use in machines, for example?A: Fossil fuels have a higher concentration of carbon and hydrogenB: Fossil fuels are drierC: Fossil fuels are easier to lightD: Fossil fuels are easier to transport

The quality of coal, called its rank, is a measure of which of the following characteristics?
Ten types of energy
       TIME                             TYPE OF ENERGY
    0:03min -------------------   magnetic     0:26min -------------------   kinetic     0:40min -------------------   heat     0:56min -------------------   gravitational     1:02min -------------------   chemical     1:17min -------------------   sound     1:53min -------------------   elastic     2:08min -------------------   electrical     2:16min -------------------   nuclear
*The video does not show the tidal energy
*- The magneticenergy is the one that have all the magnets, bone the force of attraction. *- The kinetic energy is the one that owns any object that is in movement. *-The thermal energy is the one that is exchanged between two bodies that are at different temperatures. * - The gravitational energy that is the one that depends on the height of the object and has to do with the gravity to which we are subjected all the bodies and objects of the Earth.  *-Chemical energy is known as that which occurs during a ch…

Which are the renewable sources of energy used in Argentina?Where are they produced?Argentine Northwest: Biomass /Solar Argentine Northeast: Biomass / Solar Coastline: Biofuels / Biomass Center: biofuels / biomass / wind Cuyo: Biomass / Solar / Wind Buenos aires: Waste / Biogas / biomass / solar / windComahue: Mini Hydro / Geothermal / Wind / Solar / Biomass Patagonia: Mini hydro / wind / solar

US satellite photo at night

             You can see the northern part of México and some of 
               Canadá that highlights the concentration of energy. 

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The life of Marie Curie