Questionnaire                                                                                                                    A- Watch the video and answer.

  1. Where are the mother and the son?
  2. What did the woman in the blue sweater open? What did she take?
  3. What was the problem with the container?
  4. Where are the scientists?
  5. What laboratory instrumenst can you see?
  6. What did the add the icecream?
  7. Does the protein produce more crystals or does it stop the number of crystals present in the icecream?
  8. Do Americans eat a lot of icecream? How much?
B- Choose the right option:

1-  "edible" means:
a- that you cannot eat it
b- that you can eat it
c- that is is poisonous and produces mortal effects.

2- "tasteless" means:
a- that it is delicious
b- that it is horrible
c- that it hasn't got any taste or flavour

3- Is "inside is the opposite of outside"?
a- yes
b- no
c- this question makes no sense.

4- the suffix LESS means:
a- without
b- with 
c- a little

3- The science of ice.
Read this paragrapgh. Can you re-write it using your own words?


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