Ten types of energy

       TIME                             TYPE OF ENERGY

    0:03min -------------------   magnetic
    0:26min -------------------   kinetic
    0:40min -------------------   heat
    0:56min -------------------   gravitational
    1:02min -------------------   chemical
    1:17min -------------------   sound
    1:53min -------------------   elastic
    2:08min -------------------   electrical
    2:16min -------------------   nuclear

*The video does not show the tidal energy

*- The magnetic energy is the one that have all the magnets, bone the force of attraction.
*- The kinetic energy is the one that owns any object that is in movement.
*-The thermal energy is the one that is exchanged between two bodies that are at different temperatures.
- The gravitational energy that is the one that depends on the height of the object and has to do with the gravity to which we are subjected all the bodies and objects of the Earth. 
*-Chemical energy is known as that which occurs during a chemical reaction.
*-The sound energy is transmitted at the speed of the wave, but a part of the sound energy dissipates in the form of thermal energy.
*- Elastic energy that is released when a compressed spring is released.
*-The electric energy is that energy that is associated with the electric current.

*-Nuclear energy is the energy in the atomic nucleus, that is, the central part of an atom.
*-The tidal energy is that which is obtained thanks to the tides of the sea.


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